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Packing & Moving Tips

Don't wait until the last minute! Each box may take an average of thirty minutes to pack.  An average apartment can be packed by an individual in 15-20 hours; a house, in 30-40 hours. Before you dive into the whirlwind of packing, arm yourself with strategies to make the process smoother. With these tips in your arsenal, you'll conquer the packing journey with ease, sidestepping the hurdles that could otherwise trip you up along the way.

Prepping Your Home Before You Begin

If you have time, start with a thorough sweep of your home searching for items that you no longer use or need. Let’s be honest, some things belong in the trash. Other things can be donated. Removing the clutter decreases the chaos that makes packing overwhelming. Another pro-tip before the packing frenzy ensues, gather up those misplaced items and return them to their designated locations. By packing similar items together, you're not just organizing, you're laying the groundwork for a smoother unpacking process.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Packing Breakables & Valuables

Do not put heavy items in with breakables, and make sure there is an inch of paper cushioning between layers of breakables. Towels may be used as well. Slightly over-pack each carton with packing paper before sealing for added strength, but do not pack boxes so that they remain open at the top. They are more difficult and less safe to move that way. Pack all valuable items in the same few cartons and check on their arrival at the destination or move them in your own vehicle for safety.

Try not to water plants for 2-3 days prior to the move. Small plants should be placed in boxes and are better moved in your own vehicle. Large plants should be placed so that the entire pot is contained within a box, so that spilled soil will not get all over the truck and your belongings.



Mattresses can be wrapped in furniture pads on the truck, but special boxes can be purchased if desired. You can also purchase mattress bags but please let the movers slide the mattress in the bag before loading onto the truck. It can be difficult to grip large mattresses when they are wrapped in plastic. King size memory foam mattresses are safer to move when they are boxed; especially when moving long distance. Large memory foam mattresses can be floppy, as well as heavy, and if they start leaning while loaded on the truck, it can cause the contents surrounding the mattress to shift as well.

Stuffed animals, soft items and sweaters can be packed in large trash bags. You may leave clothing in dressers, but remove all breakables, loose items or valuables from drawers. There is an exception, if your dresser is large and on the second floor, it is best to remove some of the weight by emptying the top drawers.

Linens & Fabric Items

Pile of woolen scarves

Particle Board & Pressed Wood

Please disassemble all particle board and pressed wood furniture prior to moving if you would like them to survive the move. Otherwise, these pieces are not sturdy and prone to cracking with even small movements.


All gas appliances must be serviced by the gas company prior to moving. Washers and dryers can be disconnected by your moving crew if necessary. Freezers and refrigerators must be emptied before moving. Defrost and dry them thoroughly prior to moving. Automatic icemakers may require servicing beforehand. For microwaves, remove the glass tray inside and pack separately.

washer and dryer

On Moving Day

Complete all packing prior to your crew's arrival. They will not pack your items unless arrangements had already been made with the company. Reserve all elevators, loading docks or parking areas for adequate time periods. Be on hand to answer questions and direct the placement of furniture items. A floor plan taped to the door indicating where boxes and pieces should be placed will greatly facilitate the unloading.


Above all, take a deep breath and try to remain calm at one of the most stressful times of your life! We'll do our best to make it go as smoothly as possible.

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