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A Business Built With Integrity

Yarborough's Moving Service began with one man's mission to provide for his family over 35 years ago. Fast forward to today and that mission has evolved into a legacy of integrity, reliability, authenticity and most importantly, fairness. With a personable approach, Mike Yarborough has established more than a business. He has built a reputation among his community and across the nation, as the mover who puts his customer's best interests ahead of his profits by being honest, fair and transparent with his prices and capabilities. His moral character is the driving force of his business and it's what keeps the customers coming back to Yarborough's.

Meet Mike Yarborough
Mike Yarborough with his wife Jackie
Family man with his grandchildren
3 generations of Yarborough's

Mike is an Army brat who was born and raised in South Carolina. His father served in two wars and was an embodiment of an American patriot. The core Army values were instilled in Mike’s upbringing, and they characterize who he is at his core. He spent his childhood and most of his young adulthood in Columbia, SC and decided to open a moving company in 1987. After taking out an ad in a Grand Strand newspaper, he realized there was more opportunity at the beach. He relocated his family and his business to Myrtle Beach in 1989 and made it his home.


Mike is a family man first and businessman second. He loves camping and exploring new places with his wife, Jackie. He enjoys driving around and listening to music, being goofy with his grandchildren and relaxing in his chair after a hard days work.

Letters of Appreciation

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